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TightBlog 2.0 update...

Happy New Year! I added a new tag management tab to the upcoming TightBlog 2.0 UI, it provides a pageable listing of all tags currently used by a blog, number of entries having that tag, as well as the following functionality:

  • View entries -- see the entries having a given tag
  • Delete tag -- remove a given tag from all blog entries having it
  • Add tag -- add a new tag (or an already existing one) to all blog entries having a given tag (sample use case: wanting to tag all blog entries currently tagged "Java" with the tag "Programming" for those entries not already having that tag)
  • Rename tag -- change the name of a tag to either a new tag or an already existing tag (sample use case: on the basis of a "Java7" tag no longer worth highlighting due to its age, switching the tag to the generic "Java" for blog entries having the former but not yet the latter and just deleting the "Java7" tag for those entries already having the latter.)

I also pulled out the "Planet" functionality in 2.0 (ability to read in, merge and display external RSS feeds) -- not to be mistaken for a home site page such as Oracle Blogs Aquarium or JRoller, that ability will still remain. I'm aware of only one of the fifty or so Roller users currently using planets, and that lone user very halfheartedly. While on the Roller team we simplified the planet functionality about 50%, and in developing TightBlog 1.0 I pulled out about another 50%, but it was still needing 3 database tables and about 3500 lines of code. I felt the effort spent maintaining it would be more productively spent elsewhere in the application. (By way of comparison, the much more utilizable Tag management page requires no extra tables and only about 600 extra lines of code.)

So far, TightBlog 2.0 has fallen to 163 Java class files from the 187 in TightBlog 1.0, making it just under 1/3 the class count of Roller 5.1.2's 493. The removal of the planet functionality dropped the database table count from 17 to 14, nineteen below Roller's 33. My main remaining prerequisite for releasing TightBlog 2.0 is completing the switch from Struts to Spring MVC, as so much of the application is now (Spring) REST API based that including a second web framework as a dependency is increasingly undesirable.


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